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Cruise FM

Probably the best soul station in the world, Probably

Who Are We? First established as an FM radio station in London, England in 1984 by founder The Bushbaby on the frequency of 104.50 in stereo as North London’s Weekend Soul Station and with the youngest DJ lineup ever known. The station broadcast for a number of years with a crew back then of upto 25 DJ’s running into the small hours and with a good following also across North London and the counties of Hertfordshire and Essex – fun was the focus and boy did we have it. Being a pirate radio organisation back then the inevitable station bust came one Sunday early evening, clearing out a whole live studio, and despite desperate attempts to keep the flame alive we never really recovered from this severe loss of equipment, music and DJ confidence. Always specialising in publicising young blood and getting good decent Black originated Music out amongst the masses and to be honest nothing has changed in this reworking of the station. Now with presenters from Miami to Thailand and available to jog to on your smartphone or listen to on your SmartTV – yep CruiseFM its happening all over again – The Home of BLACK Music! With a fantastic Facebook, Twitter and Mixcloud following also the station is fully utilising the whole range of social media tools to further enhance the proposition.

Frecuencias FM

  • Ibiza Town : Online


Página web: https://www.cruisefm.co.uk

Correo electrónico: studio@cruisefm.co.uk