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Palma Beach Radio

Feel The Island

Close your eyes, relax, take some time for yourself and imagine where you would like to be right now. We are almost sure that the first answer would be: on the seashore, with a breeze that refreshes my skin, hit by the rays of the warm sun of Mallorca. And, in the headphones, cool music that relaxes and excites me at the same time; and also, some suggestions that help me choose the right place, to give the fullest meaning to the night that is approaching. Well, in this case, we are happy to tell you that you can experience all these sensations at all times, if you tune in to Palma Beach Radio. Palma Beach Radio is the station that connects you all year round with Palma Beach, the new Playa de Palma projected in the future. With Palma Beach Radio you listen to the music that, at all times of the day, makes this place so special and loved all over the world. Refined atmospheres, positive energy, a fresh and exciting "mood" and a little information about the best resources to have fun, eat, have an aperitif, relax, spend a special evening, both in Palma Beach and throughout the island of Mallorca, a magical place, full of treasures to discover. For this reason, the essence of Palma Beach Radio is summed up in a motto that says it all: “Feel the Island”! And if that wasn't enough, you know what? Palma Beach Radio can be listened to all year round. You will enjoy our music whenever you want, you will immerse yourself in the most enveloping atmospheres of summer and you will always be aware of our initiatives, also in the winter season. Because Palma Beach never turns off, and you can reach it in a few minutes by plane from your home. Feel the island, get hooked on Palma Beach Radio!

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